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Scottish Independence Referendum Guidance

Introduction (PDF)

Size: 435.32 KB

Part A - Roles and Responsibilities (PDF)

Size: 645.04 KB

Part B - Planning and Organisation (PDF)

Size: 654.97 KB

Part C - Administering the Poll (PDF)

Size: 722.65 KB

Part D - Absent Voting (PDF)

Size: 786.93 KB

Part E - Verification and Count (PDF)

Size: 603.83 KB

Part F - After the Declaration of the Result (PDF)

Size: 486.82 KB

Scottish Indepedence Referendum Timetable (PDF)

Size: 363.48 KB

Project Planner (PDF)

Size: 932.41 KB


Size: 1.02 MB

Risk Register (PDF)

Size: 868.51 KB

Supplier Checklist (PDF)

Size: 136.49 KB

Project Planner (Word) (DOC)

Size: 933 KB

Project Planner (Excel) (XLS)

Size: 758.5 KB

Risk Register (Word) (DOC)

Size: 851.5 KB

Risk Register (Excel) (XLS)

Size: 737.5 KB

FAQs (Word) (DOC)

Size: 1.12 MB

Timetable for Referendum (PDF)

Size: 363.48 KB

Part A (Word) (DOC)

Size: 799.5 KB

Counting Officer Expenses (PDF)

Size: 353.08 KB

Handbook for Polling Station Staff (PDF)

Size: 728.16 KB

Polling Station Quick Guide (PDF)

Size: 137.82 KB

Polling Staff Training (PPT)

Size: 1.12 MB

Briefing for Referendum Agents (PPTX)

Size: 815.63 KB

Notice of Referendum Agents (DOC)

Size: 36 KB

Form for Notification of Referendum Agents (DOC)

Size: 38.5 KB

Guidance for Campaigners and Agents on the Conduct of Tellers (DOC)

Size: 724 KB

Tellers dos & donts (DOC)

Size: 1.35 MB

Notice of Referendum (DOC)

Size: 37 KB

Corresponding Number List (Polling Stations) (DOC)

Size: 87.5 KB

Certificate of Employment (DOC)

Size: 33 KB

Companion Declaration (DOC)

Size: 43.5 KB

Notice for the Direction of Voters (PDF)

Size: 6.07 KB

Corresponding Number List (Postal Votes) (DOC)

Size: 90.5 KB

Postal Voting Statement (DOC)

Size: 48 KB

Quick Guide to Postal Voting (DOCX)

Size: 24.27 KB

Requirement of Secrecy Relative to Poll, Count and Postal Voting (PDF)

Size: 68.75 KB

Requirements of Secrecy Relative to the Polling Station (PDF)

Size: 67.64 KB

Requirements of Secrecy Relative to Issue and Opening of Postal Votes (PDF)

Size: 56.4 KB

Requirement of Secrecy Relative to the Count and any Opening of Postal Votes taking place at the Count (PDF)

Size: 57.54 KB

Briefing for Polling Station Inspectors (PPT)

Size: 867 KB

Instructions and Checklist for Polling Station Inspectors (PDF)

Size: 226.32 KB

Postal Voters Box Label (DOC)

Size: 31 KB

Postal Ballot Box Label (DOC)

Size: 30.5 KB

Label for Postal Votes handed into Polling Station (DOC)

Size: 30.5 KB

Polling and Counting Agent Form (DOC)

Size: 69 KB

Completing Ballot Paper account/quick for polling stations/role play exercises and senarios (DOCX)

Size: 31.65 KB

Close of poll packing instructions (DOC)

Size: 274.5 KB

The postal vote issuing process (DOCX)

Size: 22.24 KB

Re-issuing lost/not received postal votes (DOC)

Size: 39.5 KB

Retrieving cancelled postal vote - through opening process (DOC)

Size: 53 KB

Postal vote opening procedure (DOC)

Size: 122.5 KB

Part D - 4.46 List of superceded ballot papers (DOC)

Size: 30.5 KB

Part D - 5.26 Postal vote matching spreadsheet (XLSM)

Size: 336.72 KB

Part D - 5.18 Notice of referendum agents of opening of postal votes (DOC)

Size: 40 KB

Instructions to Staff on Openining Postal Votes (PDF)

Size: 106.59 KB

Flowchart for Staff Opening Postal Votes (PDF)

Size: 149.6 KB

Flowchart - Issuing Postal Votes (PDF)

Size: 120.56 KB

Flowchart - Re-issue Lost/Not Received Postal Votes (PDF)

Size: 145.4 KB

Flowchart - Postal Vote Retrieval (PDF)

Size: 136.27 KB

Flowchart - Postal Vote Opening (PDF)

Size: 149.6 KB

Statement of Postal Votes (XLSX)

Size: 20.19 KB

Postal Ballot Box Account (DOC)

Size: 33.5 KB

List of Lost Postal Votes (DOC)

Size: 29.5 KB

List of Spoilt Postal Votes (DOC)

Size: 29.5 KB

Notice of Appointment of Postal Ballot Agents (DOC)

Size: 40 KB

Close of Poll Packing Instructions (PDF)

Size: 204.52 KB

The Chief Counting Officer's Guide to Dealing with Doubtful Ballot Papers (PDF)

Size: 720.73 KB

Allowed Votes (PDF)

Size: 781.36 KB

Rejected Votes (PDF)

Size: 777.72 KB

Placemats (PDF)

Size: 1.5 MB

Postal Voting Rejections (DOCX)

Size: 12.96 KB

Sample Mini Count Model (PDF)

Size: 143.94 KB

Checklist of Information for Attendees at the Verification and Count (PDF)

Size: 159.26 KB

Count Centre Checklist for Registering Receipt of Ballot Boxes and Key Documents (PDF)

Size: 35.36 KB

Job Descriptions for Count Supervisory Staff (DOC)

Size: 59.5 KB


Size: 25.82 KB

Notes for Proper Officer on Access (PDF)

Size: 170.61 KB

Checklist of Items to be Transferred to the Proper Officer (PDF)

Size: 192.45 KB

Checklist of Equipment for the Verification and Count (PDF)

Size: 159.32 KB

EU Referendum - CCO Directions

Chief Counting Officer's Directions for the EU Referendum

CCO Directions (PDF)

Size: 108.11 KB