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2017 to 2020 By-Election Timetable Reckoner Tool

Scottish Local Government By-Election Timetable Calculator

This spreadsheet is designed to help you to plan local government by-elections. It will generate a timetable of key dates for a by-election based on the polling day that is selected. It can also help you to choose a polling day as it allows you to review every set of dates between now and March 2020. A calculator is included that shows the last possible date a by-election can be held based on the date of resignation or death. This allows you to look at a range of different dates and select one based on local factors such as school holidays or major events.

The spreadsheet has been constructed by Alison Davidson from Moray Council who has offered it as a resource for all Councils. The information found on this spreadsheet is intended to be used as a tool to generate dates in local government by-elections. No liability by Moray Council or its election office is assumed for the accuracy of the data given or generated. Administrators must undertake their own checks and consult the relevant up to date legal references before publishing their elections timetable.