Scottish independence referendum guidance

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Introduction PDF 435kB Download
Part A - roles and responsibilities PDF 645kB Download
Part B - planning and organisation PDF 655kB Download
Part C - administering the poll PDF 723kB Download
Part D - absent voting PDF 787kB Download
Part E - verification and count PDF 604kB Download
Part F - after the declaration of the result PDF 487kB Download
Scottish independence referendum timetable PDF 363kB Download
Project planner PDF 932kB Download
FAQs PDF 1.02MB Download
Risk register PDF 869kB Download
Supplier checklist PDF 136kB Download
Project planner DOC 933kB Download
Project planner XLS 759kB Download
Risk register DOC 852kB Download
Risk register XLS 738kB Download
FAQs DOC 1.12MB Download
Timetable for referendum PDF 363kB Download
Part A (Word) DOC 800kB Download
Counting officer expenses PDF 353kB Download
Handbook for polling station staff PDF 728kB Download
Polling station quick guide PDF 138kB Download
Polling staff training PPT 1.12MB Download
Briefing for referendum agents PPTX 816kB Download
Notice of referendum agents DOC 36kB Download
Form for notification of referendum agents DOC 39kB Download
Guidance for campaigners and agents on the conduct of tellers DOC 724kB Download
Tellers do's and don'ts DOC 1.35MB Download
Notice of referendum DOC 37kB Download
Certificate of employment DOC 33kB Download
Companion declaration DOC 44kB Download
Corresponding number list (polling stations) DOC 88kB Download
Corresponding number list (postal votes) DOC 91kB Download
Notice for the direction of voters PDF 6kB Download
Postal voting statement DOC 48kB Download
Quick guide to postal voting DOCX 24kB Download
Requirement of secrecy relative to poll, count and postal voting PDF 69kB Download
Requirement of secrecy relative to the count and any opening of postal votes taking place at the count PDF 58kB Download
Requirements of secrecy relative to the polling station PDF 68kB Download
Requirements of secrecy relative to issue and opening of postal votes PDF 56kB Download
Briefing for polling station inspectors PPT 867kB Download
Instructions and checklist for polling station inspectors PDF 226kB Download
Postal voters box label DOC 31kB Download
Postal ballot box label DOC 31kB Download
Label for postal votes handed into polling station DOC 31kB Download
Polling and counting agent form DOC 69kB Download
Completing ballot paper account/quick for polling stations/role play exercises and scenarios DOCX 32kB Download
Close of poll packing instructions DOC 275kB Download
The postal vote issuing process DOCX 22kB Download
Re-issuing lost/not received postal votes DOC 40kB Download
Retrieving cancelled postal vote - through opening process DOC 53kB Download
Postal vote opening procedure DOC 123kB Download
Part D - 4.46 list of superseded ballot papers DOC 31kB Download
Part D - 5.26 postal vote matching spreadsheet XLSM 337kB Download
Part D - 5.18 notice of referendum agents of opening of postal votes DOC 40kB Download
Instructions to staff on opening postal votes PDF 107kB Download
Flowchart for staff opening postal votes PDF 150kB Download
Flowchart - issuing postal votes PDF 121kB Download
Flowchart - reissue lost/not received/spoilt postal votes PDF 145kB Download
Flowchart - postal vote retrieval PDF 136kB Download
Flowchart - postal vote opening PDF 150kB Download
Statement of postal votes XLSX 20kB Download
Postal ballot box account DOC 34kB Download
List of lost postal votes DOC 30kB Download
List of spoilt postal votes DOC 30kB Download
Notice of appointment of postal ballot agents DOC 40kB Download
Close of poll packing instructions PDF 205kB Download
The chief counting officer's guide to dealing with doubtful ballot papers PDF 721kB Download
Allowed votes PDF 781kB Download
Rejected votes PDF 778kB Download
Placemats PDF 1.5MB Download
Postal voting rejections DOCX 13kB Download
Sample mini count model PDF 144kB Download
Checklist of information for attendees at the verification and count PDF 159kB Download
Count centre checklist for registering receipt of ballot boxes and key documents PDF 35kB Download
Job descriptions for count supervisory staff DOC 60kB Download
BPA PDF 26kB Download
Notes for proper officers on access PDF 171kB Download
Checklist of items to be transferred to the proper officer PDF 192kB Download
Checklist of equipment for verification and count PDF 159kB Download