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European Parliamentary Elections Results 2014

I, MARY PITCAITHLY, Regional Returning Officer for the Electoral Region of Scotland at the European Parliamentary Elections held on 22 May 2014 do hereby give public notice, as follows, of (A) the total number of valid votes (as notified to me) given to each registered party and (B) the number of votes which such a party  had at any stage when a seat was allocated to that party, the names in full and home address in full of each candidate who fills a seat or to whom a seat has been allocated and whether, in the case of a party, there are remaining candidates on that party’s list who have not been declared to be elected:-

(A) Total number of valid votes given to each registered party


 Name of Registered Party Number of Valid Votes 
 Britain First 13,639 
 British National Party 10,216
 Conservative Party  231,330
 Labour Party 348,219
 Liberal Democrats 95,319