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The EMB was set up on an interim basis in November 2008 as an initiative of the four professional associations responsible for electoral activity in Scotland: SOLAR, the SAA, SOLACE and the AEA, with the support and promotion of the Electoral Commission.

This Interim Board was a reaction by the Electoral Community to the issues that arose in the delivery of the combined elections of May 2007 when the Scottish Parliamentary elections were combined with the Local Government elections. In particular, it was a response to the Electoral Commission’s report Electoral Administration in Scotland 2008, which in itself was the culmination of a deliberative process following those 2007 elections.

Operating on clear principles of promoting a consistent national approach to electoral administration and simplifying decision making - both with the aim of ensuring that the interests of voters were kept at the heart of all electoral activity - the IEMB supported the Regional Returning Officer for Scotland in the delivery of the European Parliamentary Elections in 2009.

It also offered support in terms of common forms and other guidance in the UK Parliamentary Elections in 2010. 2011 saw the IEMB support the Regional Counting Officer, in the delivery of the UK Referendum on voting systems for the Westminster Parliament which, in Scotland, was combined with the Scottish Parliamentary elections.

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